About us

The arts have followed my family through the generations, whether in painting, amateur theatre, dance or music. Both of my daughters are involved in stage dance, playing various musical instruments such as piano, guitar, flute, experimenting and composing their own music and lyrics. They also like to paint and have had success with their paintings. I see how important art is for them, how it shapes, inspires, develops and cultivates them.

For many years I have worked with the world-famous music therapist and composer Ivo Sedláček in selling musical instruments for various institutions - schools, kindergartens, wellness centres, yoga studios, retirement homes, psychological counselling centres, hospitals and families with children. I met many interesting people from the ranks of musicians, therapists, healers and shamans from the Czech Republic and Peru.

Because of my own experience, I realize the effect music has on people. It serves to self-express, to relax, to uplift us, to reach our emotions and deepen them, whether it is anger, melancholy or joy. When we perceive it, we interact mentally and physically. Music influences our mood, aesthetic perception, harmonizes our personality and thus our physical state.

The therapeutic effects of music are increasingly being used in music therapy, which alternatively works with the psychology of experience in a receptive or listening form, or in an active form, where we ourselves engage in therapeutic activity by playing the body, an instrument or singing.

Thanks to all this knowledge, I offer you relaxing musical instruments that do not require any musical training to play. All we need is intuition and listening to our own self to create tones and melodies that will have a positive effect on us.

I am currently working directly with manufacturers and preparing to expand the range of handmade items from their workshops, not only in the field of musical instruments, but also for example massage tools, jewellery or wooden products, so that I can offer you beautiful gifts for you and your loved ones.

I sincerely hope that you will choose from our offer what will make you happy, delighted and useful.

Jana Kotková