Relaxation musical instruments, massage aids and other original gifts for joy

In our online shop and showroom in Jablonec nad Nisou we can offer you various relaxing musical instruments, orgonite pyramids, massage aids, jewellery, wooden statues and other original gifts for joy. You can also learn a lot of interesting facts about them.

Musical instruments

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Therapeutic music instruments

Set of bell ringers Koshi 2 scaled

Koshi Chimes

String scaled tunings

Stringed resonant instruments

Spirit tongue drum 5 scaled

Metal melodic drums

Tinwhistle blue 2 scaled

Wind instruments - whistles

Original gifts for joy

massage carpet 2

Massage aids

pyramid clanek 1 scaled

Orgonite pyramids

sperky lava scaled



String instruments

String instruments

The history of stringed instruments dates back to prehistoric times, when man first strung the bowstring, which made a primitive sound. Since then, instruments have been continually improved, with King David using their positive effects to relax and unwind. Over 2000 years, various forms of stringed musical instruments have been developed. Today, many of them are increasingly used for therapeutic purposes for their unquestionable...

orgonite pyramids

Orgonite pyramids

Orgonite is a "living stone" with the ability to neutralize negative energy and earth pathways, radiation, geopathogenic zones, to harmonize the environment in which it is placed, where for whatever reason the energy does not reach or is blocked. It purifies water and air from smog, acid rain and chemicals. It has an effect on the physical and mental state of people, helping to transform stress, fear, depression, bad mood, reduce fatigue, improve sleep, detoxify...

music therapy

Music therapy

Music has been with man since ancient times, it has been associated with him, it was used in ritual and religious ceremonies, it was a tool for intuitive, emotional and spiritual communication, it could be a link to the transcendental world. Today, it accompanies us quite naturally at social events, is part of our cultural life and routinely influences our mood. Non-European cultures have a different approach to music; it evolves slowly, is not as complicated, is not subject to any...