Orgonite pyramids

orgonite pyramids

Orgonite is a "living stone" with the ability to neutralize negative energy and earth pathways, radiation, geopathogenic zones, to harmonize the environment in which it is placed, where for whatever reason the energy does not reach or is blocked. It purifies water and air from smog, acid rain and chemicals. It has an effect on people's physical and mental state, helping to transform stress, fear, depression, bad mood, reduce fatigue, improve sleep, detoxify and above all reduce the harmful effects of electronics on health. It cleanses and recharges the body with the living energy necessary for healing and proper functioning of the body. It is beneficial not only to humans, but also to plants and animals.

The psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and researcher Wilhelm Reich (1857-1957), a disciple of Sigmund Freud, called orgone the energy permeating the entire universe, which is the basic component of the energy of life. It is essentially the equivalent of the energy called prana, ki, chi or also ether. He created a series of radiators and accumulators based on it, using the biomagnetic field of orgone and exposing his clients and cancer patients, among others, to its powerful effects.

Albert Einstein was also interested in the results of these experiments. Reich used his knowledge of biology and sociology to treat mental illness. He came to believe that orgone is of cosmic origin and does not originate in the body, but man is its receiver. His philosophical view of the world was influenced not only by the biophysical results of his experiments, but also by Eastern philosophy, especially the theory of chakras and kundalini. His early work on muscle tension as a mental defense mechanism contributed to the development of most psychotherapies focused on bodywork.

In 1986, German researchers at the University of Marburg published the results of an independent study which showed that several minutes of treatment in an orgone environment had positive psychiatric and physiological effects. The results of this research are proof of the physical properties of the orgone accumulator and its psychophysiological effect on the human organism. Whether you believe in the power of orgonite or not, orgonite pyramids will always be a beautiful decorative accessory for those looking for inspiration for birthday, Valentine's Day or Christmas gifts. Simply let the orgonite work to enhance and clear the energies around you or just enjoy their beautiful design.