Music therapy

music therapy

Music has been with man since ancient times, it has been associated with him, it was used in ritual and religious ceremonies, it was a tool for intuitive, emotional and spiritual communication, it could be a link to the transcendental world. Today, it accompanies us quite naturally at social events, is part of our cultural life and routinely influences our mood.

Non-European cultures have a different approach to music, it develops slowly, it is not so complicated, it is not subject to any fashion trends, it is spiritual or spiritual in nature and the individual patterns and rhythms have been inherited for millennia. It is not so much associated with entertainment and consumption as it is in the Western world, where we tend to be always improving, surpassing and changing.

Unlike Western civilization, Eastern civilization lets the music work with the person and not the other way around. Indian music, for example, may seem monotonous and primitive to us, but it is based on rhythm and melody, on traditional practices that have meaning and have a beneficial effect on the mental and physical state of man. Chinese music takes great pride in the relationship of numbers and tones to cosmic principles. It uses the pentatonic scale, which will sound pleasant and interesting when even without musical training we conjure up harmonious melodies. It relates to balance as it does to the five Chinese elements. "Wood, fire, earth, metal and water", it is an ancient philosophy for explaining the arrangements and phenomena of the physical universe and the relationships of physiological and pathological states of the human body and nature.

Ancient Tibetan ritual music is more associated with esotericism. The main element is the human voice, it is about relaxing the body and natural breathing and creating aliquot tones sounding in endlessly stretching tantric chants and recitatives to establish communication with God. For Tibetan monks, music is both a creative and destructive force, all composed of vibrations that may or may not harmonize with each other. The rhythmic stimulation when using musical instruments, whether drums or stringed instruments, naturally affects the brain waves, so we can open individual energy centres and influence the psychic state of consciousness and experience its altered states.

Not only primitive cults, but also advanced cultures in Asia and Africa, which have benefited from the positive effects of music for thousands of years, are increasingly becoming an inspiration to slow down the hectic pace of Western civilization, help us to balance, relieve stress and regenerate body and soul.

Based on these eastern philosophies and their experiences, we use what we have discovered long ago and bring you musical instruments that are based on this traditional knowledge and can convey the beneficial effects of sound on our body. You will discover with us top-quality cradles, beds, monochords and sitar tanpuras, made of noble domestic and exotic woods that excel in their excellent resonance and vibration properties. You will find Koshi harmonising chimes from the French Pyrenees. We also offer metallic melodic tongue drums that will allow you to create countless custom melodies guided only by your intuition, to experience a sense of relaxation, to stop and immerse yourself in your own self, and moreover, to convey these feelings to whoever is listening.