Tongue drum Emerald Glow A minor with pickup


Tongue drum Emerald Glow A minor with pickup will transport you to a state of pleasant relaxation, calm and reflection with its captivating look and sound. You don't need musical training to play, just listen to yourself, rely on your intuition and create your own amazing melodies and tones that will caress not only you but also the listener.

Let yourself be carried away by the rich pure vibrations and long resonances you can conjure up with this fascinating instrument. The tongue drum also allows you to develop a good sense of rhythm.

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    Tool design
    Tongue drum Emerald Glow A minor with pickup is a unique masterpiece combining wood and carbon steel, giving it a unique, warm, soft and woody sound. The inner wood lining, which is bonded to the steel drum body, perfectly dampens the sharp metallic sound, making the tones stand out more pure and amplifying the low frequencies creating a "wah-wah" effect. Thanks to the wood lining and the pickup that can be connected to an amplifier, you can capture the high-quality sound of the drum and use the various digital effects of this instrument. 

    Headstock colour is metallic green, inner lining is oak. The high quality finish provides excellent protection for the steel.

    • in music therapy
    • for school children
    • in homes for the elderly
    • in wellness and rehabilitation centres
    • for the pleasure of you and your loved ones - it will bring joy and relaxation to everyone
    Care of the tool

    The tongue drum is a combination of metal and wood, so protect it from moisture and do not expose it to extreme temperatures. Room temperature is ideal for playing, if the drum has been exposed to frost, let it acclimatise first, then its tones will be clear. Once in a while, it is advisable to repaint the metal surface with a cloth on which you can spray common impregnating products (oil) for metal.

    How to play the tongue drum

    Each tongue drum embodies harmony and melodic intervals. We can say that harmonic melodies are "integrated" into it. So the process of learning is basically about developing different sound generation techniques, but the most important thing is to LISTEN to the instrument, to find the intervals that resonate with your inner world. Relax and focus your attention on the notes, let them reverberate, find harmonies and combinations of two or three notes, you can change them and repeat the rhythm.

    Dimensions and accessories

    Diameter: 30 cm, height 17,5 cm. Felt mallets and cloth case included in the price.

    Tuning: A-minor, 10 notes: a,c,d,e,e,b,c,d,e


    Weight3 kg
    Dimensions40 × 40 × 25 cm


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