Chakra necklace made of lava stone


Chakra necklace made of lava stone with semi-precious stones hides strong energy that has protective, healing and positive effects for humans. Lava stone erupts during volcanic eruptions to the surface of the earth at a temperature of around 1000⁰C, it is an earth element, it accumulates heat within itself, it has an effect on blood circulation. It gives a sense of security, balance, boosts confidence and determination, vitality, our sense of purpose, washes away depression, dislike of life, helps fight obesity, fear of physical pain and fatigue, and through all this improves health and promotes vitality.

This molten rock is associated with the sign of Libra - the seventh astrological sign of the Zodiac. It was used for healing by the ancient Maya and the Chinese.

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    The Tree of Life is very popular among amulets and wearing this symbol is not just a fashion trend, it means much more to the wearer. For centuries, the tree of life has been a symbol of many cultures around the world. It has been worshipped by the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Mayans, the Christians. It is a universal symbol that transcends religions and cultures. It is usually depicted as a large tree with spreading branches and roots that reach high and low, which is shown in a circle. In Celtic culture the branches and roots symbolize the connection between heaven and earth, in Buddhism the tree represents the path to enlightenment, in ancient Egypt the tree of life was believed to be a symbol of death and abundance, and African cultures consider it to be the protector of life.

    Semi-precious stones on the bracelet:

    1st root chakra - red agate: promotes self-confidence, relieves depression, promotes concentration and boosts vital energy, helps with blood circulation disorders in the limbs

    2nd sacral chakra - amber: encourages positive thinking and willpower, which can affect the overall mental and physical state of a person and thus health, is a symbol of protection, renewal and beauty, relieves digestive, urinary tract, liver and intestinal problems, counteracts pain in mind and body

    3rd chakra solar plexus - tiger's eye: it is a protective stone against various forms of danger, it is also a stone of change, when it reminds people that everything in our life has its meaning and helps to cope with these changes, it attracts wealth, but also protects in case of greed, gives strength to the body, strengthens determination, suppresses depression, anxiety, dependence on other people by realizing their own values and relieves in case of psychosomatic diseases, problems with joints and spine, bone fractures

    4th heart chakra - green jasper imperial: this stone brings balance, relaxation, harmony of personality with nature and its laws, influences our creativity, rids the body of harmful substances, has a positive effect on the skin in case of acne or eczema, helps to cure female diseases, blood, stops various bleeding, throat diseases and relieves lack of appetite.

    5th throat chakra - turquoise  it is a stone of unification, intuition, wisdom and equanimity, it breaks down fears and negative forces, it is one of the most effective healing stones in case of digestive disorders, rheumatism, pain, eye diseases, inflammation and acidification of the organism, it detoxifies and also regenerates tissues

    6th chakra third eye - lapis: It is a stone of honesty, integrity, compassion, friendship, wisdom and spirituality, improves communication, relieves vocal cords and larynx, high blood, inflammation, pressure problems Generally helps to lower blood pressure, relieves stress, muscle tension and cramps

    7th crown chakra - amethyst: It is a stone of purification with powerful spiritual and healing effects, a symbol of harmony, friendship, self-confidence, intuition, creativity and spiritual strength, it relieves headaches, especially those caused by nervous problems, relieves feelings of fear and bad dreams, anger, regret, beneficial effects on eyesight, metabolism, respiratory system, helps to remove blocks and addictions to alcohol, food and smoking, beneficial effects on skin problems, excretory system and immunity

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