Irish whistle Sweetone Clarke Tinwhistle blue


Irish whistle with plastic mouthpiece from the traditional Clarke Tinwhistle workshop. It is easy to play and produces a clear, crisp, clean sound with good volume. Very little air is needed to produce a beautiful tone. A fine melodic wind instrument with a distinctive sound, it is an excellent choice for beginners and advanced musicians alike.

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    The Sweetone Tinwhistle has a tapered bore and sides, resulting in the finger holes coming closer together and increasing the range and accuracy of the higher notes.

    After 150 years of continuous production of the famous Original Tinwhistle, in 1996 the company produced a brand new type of Tinwhistle - Sweetone. Each whistle is accompanied by a fingerboard register. The whistle is available in C and D tunings and a choice of two colours - blue and silver.

    Made in England

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    Dimensions45 × 10 × 10 cm


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