Pendant Tiger eye hexagon


Pendant Tiger eye hexagon
Pendant made of natural stone Tiger's Eye cut into the shape of a hexagon.

Length of the pendant with handle approx. 4 cm, diameter of the stone 0,8 cm. Length of cord 45 cm.

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    The mineral Tiger's Eye is a variety of quartz, its colour and properties are influenced by the admixture of minerals containing iron oxides and hydroxides. Deposits are mainly in Africa or Asia.

    The Eye of the Tiger is the stone of new beginnings, self-discipline, concentration, stability, calmness and determined decision making. It helps in achieving goals, inspires courage, boosts self-confidence and removes negative energy, is associated with wealth and strong vitality. It is a suitable stone for those who are troubled by sudden changes in mood, it moderates these changes and suppresses stubbornness.

    It affects the 3rd solar plexus chakra, which is the seat of the lower emotions - anger, guilt, fear, unhealthy desires, selfishness and jealousy. Located just below the sternum where the rib cage joins the chest, just above the stomach and just inches from the heart, this is where you can let the mineral work positively.
    Tiger's Eye is a powerful grounding stone, suppressing depression and improving mood.

    It helps with migraines, strengthens eyesight, has a beneficial effect on the liver and colon, bones and joints, respiratory tract and lungs. Reacts to blood sugar levels. It improves the condition in cramps and motor disorders. Detoxifies the body and stimulates the body's natural immunity.

    Tiger's Eye is a harmonizing stone especially for Gemini and also suitable for Leo, Taurus and Virgo.

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    Dimensions15 × 15 × 5 cm


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