Pendant Pink tourmaline - rubelite hexagon


Pendant Pink tourmaline - rubelite hexagon

Pendant made of natural pink tourmaline stone cut in the shape of a hexagon.

Length of the pendant with handle approx. 4 cm, diameter of the stone 0,8 cm. Length of cord 45 cm.

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    Pink tourmaline - rubellite is of magmatic origin, it is formed under a wide range of pressures and temperatures, both in the Earth's upper mantle (70-80 km) and at a depth of several kilometres.

    This mineral is a protective stone, it gives physical energy, courage and power over one's life, it promotes leadership and career. It removes negative vibrations, bringing joy and confidence to the wearer. In relationships, it helps attract love and friendship.
    It increases immunity, detoxifies the body, heals the skin, lungs, helps to eliminate problems with the spine, heart, kidneys and bladder, promotes digestion, strengthens the nerves.

    It supports the energy of the first root chakra and thus the sexual organs and sexuality. The stone can be worn anywhere on the body, in case of pain it is placed on the affected area, it induces peaceful sleep if it is close to the head.

    It is assigned to the planet Venus and the element of water, astrologically it belongs to the signs Aries, Leo, Libra, Scorpio.

    Weight0,1 kg
    Dimensions20 × 20 × 4 cm


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