Orgonite pyramid Lotus flower 6×6 cm

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Orgonite pyramid Lotus flower 6×6 cm

Orgonite has a positive and harmonizing effect on us and the environment in which it is found, it transforms negative energy, it affects our physical and psychological state, it has purifying and neutralizing abilities, therefore it is also used to purify and charge stones. The stones contained in the pyramid can help us with various problems depending on their focus and effects.

The contents of the pyramid are metal spikes, organic resin, crystal and black obsidian stones.

Dimensions: 6x6x6cm

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    Handmade orgonite pyramid with high quality crystal and black obsidian.

    What is orgonite and how does it work?
    It is actually a pyramid-shaped healing object created by the Croft family in 2000, based on a mixture of inorganic metallic sponges encased in organic resin, with gemstones with different properties of action and healing, which also increase the ability to collect negative energy.

    Orgonite generates universal life energy flowing through everything that exists, filling the entire universe and is called - orgone, also known as chi or prana. Thus, negative energy enters (is attracted to) the pyramid through the organic resin, is fragmented by the metallic spicules, which in turn repel the orgone, thus creating a rapid and chaotic movement of energy, and with each successive reflection of the orgone from the resin and spicules, this frequency and purity increases and is transformed into balanced energy. It is then released back into the space and benefits our health, because when the energy in our environment is in balance, the body and mind responds positively.

    Effects of pyramids
    It is certainly no coincidence that the Crofts chose a pyramid shape for their orgeat blend. Pyramids in general have the healing power to channel and cleanse negative energies, helping to unblock and harmonize chakras and space, while also powerfully enhancing the effects of other stones. They are suitable for various rituals and meditations. They radiate positive energy, accelerate the healing of diseases and wounds, cancel the influence of electrosmog, disrupt pathogenic zones, and purify food from harmful substances. They help eliminate depression, stress and mental exhaustion.

    The pyramid can be applied directly to the chakras or to painful areas on your body where it will soothe and calm the pain, stimulating physical and mental energy. You can place it in the palm of your hand to focus, calm your mind and feel its effects. Place it in your apartment, bedroom, office or garden, anywhere it will have a positive effect. Thanks to the orgonite pyramid, it is also possible to cleanse and charge other stones that you use for healing.

    The Power of of black obsidian is manifested primarily in its ability to strengthen the kidneys, absorb disease, improve sleep and body weakness. It has a supportive effect in eliminating smoking habits, alcoholism and drug addiction. It can also relieve people's stress and their emotional difficulties and make them more stable and decisive. It helps to expel negative energy from the body and objects, and is a powerful protective stone. It aids concentration, self-control, confidence and logical thinking, develops imagination and grounding. It brings out the truth and what we suppress and push away within ourselves, such as unresolved disputes, can reinforce bad qualities in the wrong people, so it is recommended to use in combination with crystal.

    Crystal is one of the most widely used and versatile healing minerals and energy enhancers. It is a stone of light, bringing clarity and purity to the soul, aiding concentration and calmness, insomnia, thyroid problems, relieving pain, tension, skin problems, inflammation, burns, nausea and headaches. It stops bleeding, detoxifies, has a positive effect on the heart and circulation, lungs and digestion. It is an aid in the treatment of addictions and psychological disorders, weakness, jealousy, promotes immunity and spiritual development.

    Orgonite pyramid is a great gift for those looking for inspiration for birthday, Christmas or Valentine's Day gifts.

    It should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

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