Stand for 2 chimes Koshi


Stand for 2 chimes Koshi

Handmade stand made of brass and okoumé wood.

The stand is a beautiful home accessory, its simple design lets the instruments stand out. It is also suitable for Shanti chimes or similar hanging chimes.

Sound the chimes with the touch of your fingers or let the wind play, enjoy their libo-sounding, harmonising and meditative harmonies.

Made in the Czech Republic.
Chimes are not included in the stand.

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    Okumé wood (okoumé)
    Latin Aucoumea klaineana - an exotic hardwood of medium brown slightly pinkish colour. It is native to western equatorial Africa, where it grows up to 70 metres high.

    The wood is treated with colourless natural oil with UV protection.
    The stand is supplied disassembled, its assembly is very simple - just insert the brass rods into the holes as shown in the picture. If the stand does not need to be disassembled again, the rod can be glued to the stand with a common universal glue for wood and metal.

    Weight1 kg
    Dimensions60 × 35 × 20 cm


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