Therapeutic Resonance Monochord


Therapeutic resonance monochord made in the Czech Republic from noble domestic and exotic woods, which have excellent resonance and vibration properties. It is a Czech handmade instrument by a master who has created a unique instrument with many years of experience, which has a soul and thus certainly has a positive effect on people.

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    Monochord tuning, strings and coloured beads

    The therapeutic resonant monochord contains a total of 39 strings in tuning: F D C Bb; G - 21x, G - BASS one octave lower - 7x, D - 7x. In addition, the instrument is equipped with a unique feature - a brass fingerboard, thanks to which you get 5 strings with the sound of an enchanting tanpura. This grasshopper is removable and you can use the instrument with the captivating sounds of this traditional Indian instrument or classically without this grasshopper, (after removing the brass grasshopper, the instrument needs to be tuned according to the tuning mentioned above). Tuning is done with the included tuning knob. Use a chromatic tuner, it is also possible to download a tuning app. The beads should be placed approximately on center and the crank very gently tightened (left) or loosened (right) to the desired tone. For easier tuning and resolution of the strings, high quality beads are used, again made in the Czech Republic.

    Used wood

    The soundboard is made exclusively from solid wood - hemlock - a Canadian fir that has the same great resonance properties as the cedar used in the guitars. The sides are made of mahogany or beech. The use of appropriate and high quality woods is very important in the manufacture of a musical instrument, the right material determines the quality of the sound and thus enhances the therapeutic effects that are the essence of the use of these instruments. The workmanship, the material used and the human labour in which the artist puts his heart is a reflection of the quality of the musical instruments which affect the purity of the sound, the strength of the vibrations and thus the effect on ourselves.

    The soundhole of the monochord is decorated with inlay of maple inlays.

    The price includes and easy mountable legs either walnut or fruit wood with a beautiful texture that will allow for greater comfort when playing and better sound propagation into the space.

    Tool case:

    If you want to protect the instrument properly, a hard case can be made to order to suit the instrument, it is high quality and highly durable, allowing easy handling and transport. The delivery time for the monochord case is approximately 1 month from ordering.

    Monochord length: 103,5 cm, width 43,5 cm, height 12 cm, weight approx. 4 kg.

    When ordering cash on delivery, please choose only PPL courier, unfortunately, Zásilkovna does not allow cash on delivery shipments over 20 thousand CZK. Thank you

    Weight4 kg
    Dimensions104 × 43 × 12 cm


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