Massage rug made of natural stones Flowers


The acupressure massage rug made of natural stones "Flowers" is made of natural pebbles of different colours, which are pleasant to walk on and very effective for massaging the whole foot. It naturally stimulates the reflex area of the feet - positively influencing the activity of important organs in the body, strengthening immunity, helping to remove toxic substances, promoting blood circulation and thus speeding up metabolism, improving digestion and recovery. Suitable for problems with flat feet, sunken arches, ankle joints, relieves muscle tension, headaches, removes some spinal blockages, eliminates fatigue, insomnia and stress.

Simply take a walk on the carpet - just a few minutes, relax and unwind in the comfort of your home or at work and take advantage of reflexology, its positive effects and relieve your tired and aching feet. The mat is high quality, compact, portable and also pleasing to the eye with its design. By regularly massaging your feet, you will improve the blood circulation in your lower legs and promote their physical well-being.

Dimensions 150 x 40 cm, weight approx. 8 kg, country of origin China

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    Massage rug made of natural stones Flowers

    Reflective Foot therapy is a more than a thousand-year-old Asian massage method that is one of the most effective methods of alternative medicine and self-healing. It is based on the premise that the ends of the body (feet and hands) contain nerve endings that are connected to our internal organs. All organs or parts of the body have a reflex point, and by stimulating these points - areas - you can influence their proper functioning and remove energy imbalances and harmonize the flow of this energy in the acupuncture or energy pathways. By pressing or stroking these reflex points, we can target a specific organ or body part for healing if it needs soothing in the case of acute inflammation or pain, or to give it energy if it is underperforming.

    Each part of our body is supplied with nerves from one spinal segment, and individual tissues and organs are influenced by complex nerve reflex connections. If any organ becomes diseased, the body tries to use these connections to influence the disorder, and this triggers a response in other tissues. The muscles of the area concerned are usually sensitive, contracted, tense and relief comes through stimulation - massage.

    The feet can be divided into five longitudinal zones - one toe belongs to each zone (zone 1 begins at the inner edge of the big toe and zone 5 ends at the outer edge of the little toe). The left half of the body of zone 1 corresponds to zone 1 on the sole of the left foot, and so on. Further, the human body is divided according to this principle into 10 longitudinal zones running along the entire body from the head to the tips of the toes, and 3 horizontal zones bounded by the skeletal system of the body and the skeleton of the foot.

    Diagram of the zones

    Weight8 kg
    Dimensions80 × 80 × 60 cm


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