Resonant sound cradle 150 cm


The 150 cm Resonance Sound Cradle is a therapeutic stringed musical instrument that uses resonance and vibration to regenerate, relax, harmonize, harmonize, basal stimulate, relax and "tune" the body and mind through the physical energy of sound and its effect on the human body. Humans perceive sound through a complex range of senses, not only hearing but also the sense of touch.

  • as sound massage in music therapy
  • in school facilities – in kindergartens and special schools
  • in rehabilitation facilities and wellness centres
  • in psychological counselling centres
  • home use - a beautiful, soothing relaxing experience for children and adults

It is suitable for fatigue and exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety states, psychological and psychosomatic disorders, to relieve muscle tension and painful conditions, helps meditation, promotes healthy functioning of the body, its regeneration and physical and mental well-being.

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    Design and function of the cradle

    The cradle as a rehabilitation aid with a curved lying surface provides a feeling of security. Thanks to its shape, it can be used creatively - children and adults can lie or sit in it, it can also be used as a sound tunnel when turned or the cradle can be set up and sat on a chair in front of it. The rocking motion is natural and soothing for children, but it may not suit everyone, so we have added the option to prevent rocking motion with legs that simply slide into the sides of the cradle to anchor it.

    By discerning the strings around the perimeter of the cradle, the tones are transferred to the entire surface of the instrument and thanks to the acoustic space, which is hollow in this cradleAs with other stringed instruments (guitars, violins, monochords...), these vibrations are amplified and long-lasting. Other cradles are mostly made of veneered (sandwich plywood), do not have a hollow resonant body and the effects are not as intense.

    Thanks to precise handcrafting, many years of experience of craftsmen creating various stringed resonance instruments, the use of quality materials and the creation of a hollow resonance space of the cradle, including the placement of holes along its length, an instrument was created that has unique sound and acoustic properties, vibrations penetrate the entire body with unprecedented efficiency, intensity and very long reverberation. They can be felt when touching the wooden surface and both children and adults usually react to these sounds and vibrations immediately and feel their immediate beneficial effects. The sound permeates the body and promotes microcirculation of the body's internal environment. The experience of this therapy lasts long afterwards.

    How to use cradle

    Sit with your back to the cradle and lie or sit comfortably on it, closing your eyes. On the sides of the cradle, the therapist or educator smoothly runs the strings. One side has higher notes, which is usually where we start; the other side also has 5 bass strings, is deeper and we end by playing it - it is more soothing. It can also be played by pairs of players from each side of the cradle. The experience of vibration can be complemented by gentle rocking movements of the whole instrument. Turn the cradle to get a sound tunnel.

    No musical training is required, just intuition and feel, and by smoothly moving over the strings you create an amazing stream of vibrations. The therapy should last at least 20 min, but it depends on the client's mood and needs.

    Tuning and care

    The cradle is accompanied by a manual, where you can find a description of the tones. You tune using a tuning key, tuning key or beads to ensure fine tuning of the strings. Tune with feeling to avoid breaking the strings.

    The cradle is made of natural materials and should not be kept in a humid environment or directly near heat sources. Do not expose it to extreme temperature fluctuations.

    Material and custom modifications

    The shell of the cradle is made of birch plywood, the sides and legs are made of beech. The cradle is decorated with mahogany wood and engraving. Can be custom decorated with your chosen image at no extra charge (e.g. logo, mandala...). Just send a good resolution image to A4 size.

    We can also create the cradle in colour on request - e.g. staining with pastel colours.

    Delivery, spare strings and service

    The cradle can be sent to you by courier, can be picked up in person or can be delivered to your address within a range of about 100 km. The price of transport is based on the delivery address.

    Comes complete with tuner, tuning key, mattress and feet. Replacement strings and service can be arranged - you can contact us at any time by phone: 732 703 435 or email: [email protected]


    Length including legs 158 -160 cm (depending on the insertion of the legs into the cradle)

    Make sure that the feet do not touch the tuning pins when retracting.

    Length without legs 152 cm

    Width including legs approx. 117 cm, width without legs 80 cm

    Height 50 cm

    Height of resonance space 8,5 cm

    21 strings on each side - 2 monochords with notes CccG; Cg

     Czech handmade


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